Research paper writing methods that will not let you down

Choose a topic

It is advisable to choose a topic that challenges you and is also interesting. How you approach the topic will determine the amount of enthusiasm and effort that you will put into the research. It is advisable to focus on a single aspect. For instance instead of writing about religion, you can focus on Buddhism. It is also a good idea to seek the approval of your teacher in the choice of a topic. If you are not sure of what is expected of you to complete the project, ensure that you have re-read the assignment sheet. You can also consult your teacher.

The most important thing is to ensure that you choose a topic that you can manage. Avoid the learned, technical or even the specialized topics. Also avoid those topics that have a narrow range of materials.

Gather information

If you are searching for a background or general information, you will need to go through some useful URLs, online encyclopedia and almanacs. Pay some special attention the extension of the domain name such as .edu, for education institution, .org for non government organizations and .gov for government. It is important to note that these sites represent some institution and are therefore more reliable. However, it is also worth checking the possibility of bias in the government websites.

State the thesis

It is important to think critically before writing the thesis statement in a single sentence. This is because this will be more like the declaration of what you believe in. The key part of the essay should consist of arguments in support or in defense of the belief.

Have a tentative outline

Ensure that all the points of the essay relate to the major topic that you mentioned in the Roman numeral. The introduction should be made of a brief comment that leads to the subject matter. The introduction should state the thesis and the goal of the research paper. Why are you writing the paper? What is your plan in approaching the topic? Are you giving a factual report, comparison, book review or an analysis of a certain problem? Ensure that you explain in a brief way the major points that you intend to cover in the paper and why this topic should interest the readers.

The body is where you argue in support or in opposing the thesis statement. Ensure that there is a supporting argument for every argument that you are taking. Start with a strong argument before using another one that is stronger and finishing with the strongest argument.

The conclusion is where you reword or restate the thesis. Ensure that you summarize the argument and give reasons for coming up with the conclusion.

Create a first draft

Ensure that you begin with the first topic of your outline. Go through all relevant notes that you have not only gathered but are also marked. Quote, summarize and paraphrase directly each idea that you are planning to use in the essay. Make sure that you use a technique that is suitable for you.

Organize notes

Ensure that all information has been organized according to the outline. Ensure that you have analyzed the research data critically. Using the best sources available, check the accuracy of the data and ensure that the information is not only correct but it is also factual and up to date. This rule applies to writing a dissertation as well.

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