Research Paper Topics

A research paper topic is the first and most important part of the paper. This is because you must get the topic right for the rest of the work to fall in place. If your tutor allows you to choose your topic, then you have to get the best. You could either get a topic in your area of interest or consider some of the trending issues and so on. A good research topic should be original, specific, impactful, and relevant. The topic sets the pace for the rest of the paper so put your mind into it. To start you off, below is a list of some research paper topics that you can explore:


  1. The usefulness and damages of vaccines on kids
  2. Discuss the pros and contras of medical marijuana
  3. The impact of modern technology on education
  4. Is a vegetarian life good for children?
  5. Do college graduates make more money than their high school graduate counterparts?
  6. Role of parents in the academic success of their children
  7. Effects of global warming
  8. Standardized tests and the quality of education
  9. Effects of child abuse on both girls and boys.
  10. Impact of social networking on education
  11. The effects of contemporary teaching methods on students’ performance
  12. The dangers of GMO foods on the human race
  13. Possibilities of newspapers being replaced by online information sources
  14. Discuss the role of placebo treatment
  15. Violent video games make children cruel and angry
  16. Managing over-population in a human-friendly manner
  17. Effects of obesity on children and how to prevent it
  18. Nuclear energy and its impact on human health
  19. Do bad dreams negatively affect our moods?
  20. Gender discrimination and its effects on society
  21. Domestic violence and its effects on children
  22. Most drug addicts get hooked up in their teenage hood. Discuss
  23. Deforestation and its impact on climate change
  24. Capital punishment should be legalized all over the world
  25. The effects of depression on the immune system
  26. The Victorian period was a time of cultural change. Discuss
  27. Forecasting and shaping behavioral patterns in children and teenagers
  28. Impacts of advertisements on sales and profit maximization
  29. The future of computing and artificial intelligence
  30. Effects of divorce on children’s present and future behaviors
  31. Industrial pollution is the cause of global warming
  32. Educative gaming should be allowed in schools as part of the curriculum
  33. Abolishment of the slave trade in Africa
  34. Substance abuse is to blame for the increased suicide cases among young people
  35. Strict rules are not a guarantee for good behavior among students

Final Recommendation

You cannot begin your research without first choosing a suitable topic. The same way a body cannot function without a head, your research paper must be attached to a topic. There are many legitimate sources from where you can identify a good topic. Feel free to use any of the examples above just the way it is or by editing it to suit your interests.