A Collection Of Catchy Research Paper Topics About Science

Science is such a wide topic that when you are asked to write a research paper on science, you wonder where to begin. You begin imagining of topics but wonder whether they meet the threshold of being regarded as strong. There is a simple criterion you can used to determine whether a topic is strong or good.

  • Fresh- with so many papers written on different topics in science, it will be boring to repeat what other people have already written. To capture the attention of your teacher and other readers, look for fresh ideas. Search news items, consider an area you are passionate about or consult your teacher. Choose a topic or perspective that has not been seen before. This will make your paper captivating to read.
  • Relevant- this being a science research paper, your focus must be on an area in science. It must also be within your discipline e.g. biology, chemistry, physics, etc. A relevant topic is also one that your audience or present day academics can relate to.
  • Specific- identify the area you wish to handle, ensuring that you have boundaries. Do not be too narrow in your focus that materials run out before hitting the expected length. You should also not cover such a wide area that it is impossible to be detailed in your paper.

Here is a list of fresh and captivating research paper topics in science for different grades.

  1. Is science making the world unsafe?
  2. Despite advances in medical science, why are people still dying of preventable diseases?
  3. How far should knowledge be commercialized?
  4. Should there be nuclear restrictions in the world?
  5. Are electronics damaging making people healthier or damaging their lives?
  6. Is the huge investment in space science justifiable?
  7. Mobile phones are an invention that will turn future populace into zombies
  8. Televisions are making people less intelligent. Discuss.
  9. Scientific studies should not be funded by industries to avoid bias
  10. Financial management as a science
  11. The science of socialization
  12. Do science and religion need to integrate?
  13. Is it time microbial industries solved the problem of meat scarcity and price?

A good topic motivates you to read widely and produce high quality work. If it is strong, fresh and interesting, it will attract the attention of your reader. Consider choosing a topic that is within your area of interest. This gives you a chance to express your views. You can also contact a writing agency where you can get more ideas and assistance, but make sure you choose only professional writing services.