How to Write a Term Paper

One of the most stressful aspects of school is when you are assigned a term paper to write. It’s even more stressful when it’s your first term paper and you are unsure of the format and what is expected. Not to worry, we have you covered. Here’s a look at what your term paper needs to include and how to lay it out.

Choose Your Topic

Choosing your topic is incredibly important in the success of your term paper. Be sure to pick one that you are confident you can research and find enough information to write about.

Do Your Research

Now it’s time to do your research. Your professor will want to see that you have absorbed all the information taught in class and the assigned reading, plus is looking for additional sources that you have found on your own. You can use the library, the internet, newspaper, and other sources.

Create an Outline

It’s important not to dismiss how helpful outlines can be, especially when writing a term paper. An outline should allow you to make note of all the main points you want to cover and the evidence/sources/research you want to include.

This outline can be in bullet or point form. After jotting down all the information, you can then start to get an idea of how to lay out the paper so that it flows and make sense.

Write your Paper

Now it’s time to start writing. A good term paper needs to include:

  • An introduction stating at least three main points you wish to discuss.
  • The body of the paper, which discusses each of the points mentioned in your introduction. This is ● where you use your research, support documents, facts, and findings.
  • The conclusion, which should refer back to the introduction and tie up everything in a cohesive way

Do a Final Check

A final check includes checking the paper for spelling, grammar, and issues with flow. Does the term paper meet the assignment instructions? Does it follow the correct structure? Do you have enough research/sources? Have you listed all your sources? Does the flow make sense? Does the conclusion tie everything up?

If you can answer yes to these questions, you are good to go!