A Guide to Writing a Research Paper on Marine Biology

You have been asked to write a research paper on marine biology and you are wondering how to go about it. Well, some of your classmates are already through with their paper. This is because they have discovered the secret to completing the assignment fast while still maintaining high quality. Here are tips that will assist you hand in the assignment in the next few days.

  • Choose a Topic
  • There is a lot you can say about marine biology that it cannot fit in a single paper. Furthermore, the course outline is very specific on what you should cover during the year, grade or semester. This limits the areas you are supposed to cover in your paper. It is from these areas that you select a suitable topic for your paper.

    A topic determines a lot about the paper. It determines the initial reaction or perception a reader has when he picks your paper. It will either be curiosity or boredom. Identify a topic that is relevant to marine biology. Make it interesting and focus on very specific areas. Address fresh issues other than areas covered by other writers over the years. Give the reader a reason to peruse your paper to the end.

  • Read Widely
  • A good paper is one which provides interesting, fresh and strong arguments. It is impossible to develop and present strong arguments without facts to support them. These facts can only be obtained by reading widely. Ensure that you are referring to credible resources. Read the works of people who agree with your perspective and those who disagree. If the teacher has indicated that you must refer to certain books or materials, ensure that this happens. This will help you avoid writing from heresy or opinions that do not meet the threshold of academic writing.

  • Collect Necessary Resource Materials
  • All arguments in your paper must be supported by verifiable proof. In case there are drawings, they should be included. The assignment might require certain calculations, questionnaires, etc. Gather all the materials you will require before sitting to compile the work. This saves you time by minimizing disruptions as you compile. Your thought processes will also not be interrupted.

  • Consult
  • Never commence working on a paper if you are in doubt. It helps to consult so that you can complete the work as is expected. If the instructions given are confusing or not easily understood, seek clarification from the teacher. You may also get assistance from seniors, colleagues or professional help online. Consultation provides an opportunity to get resources like samples and templates, reference material suggestions and topic ideas.

  • Compile Your Work
  • Begin working on the research paper as early as possible. Waiting means that you will compile the work in a hurry. This affects the quality produced. It also exposes you to the risk of failing to submit the work on time. This comes with hefty penalties that could include delay in graduating. It is during compilation that you discover whether you have all the points or you need to made additions. Skip the introduction until you have done the body. You will have a better idea of what is in your paper.

  • Edit and Proof Read
  • Read through your paper to remove syntax, grammar or spelling errors, among other measures aimed at polishing the work. Errors distort your argument. You may pay a third party to edit the paper for you.

A good research paper on marine biology requires a strong, interesting and specific topic. In case of doubt, consult your teacher. Always edit and proofread your work before submitting.